Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 17 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 17 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is 31 Days of Healthy Choices.

When you are sick, you need to step back and take care of yourself. And I am sick - probably a cold, but still feel lousy.
So today, I have:
* slept in
*taken tylenol twice
*drank lots of tea
*made chicken noodle soup
*rubbed my chest with Vicks
*had a hot rum toddy (boiled water, honey, rum, cinnamon)
*gargle with warm salt water
*and am now heading to be - earlier than I usually do

Be sure to take care of yourself when you are ill!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 16 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 16 of the Write 31 Days writing Challenge. My theme for this month is 31 Days of Healthy Choices.

I grew up with 3 brothers and a sister and meals were always a rush. I learned to eat quickly. To this day, I am still one of the first to finish.

I read an interesting, informative article from Spark People today, and it pointed out the benefits of eating slowly and really savouring your food.

Digestion is improved, bloating is lessened and may help in weight loss.
You need to allow at least 20 minutes to eat your meal as it takes that long for the brain to register you are full

Read here for the whole article and more tips on how to eat more mindfully.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 15 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 15 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is 31 Days of Healthy Choices.

Here we are almost mid-month and choices should be easier. When I got interrupted for Thanksgiving, my routines were disrupted and I have been having some difficulty getting back on track.

I so wish I could twitch my nose and the house was totally decluttered or I was at the weight I need to be. But there is no quick fix. There are so many people on TV or on the radio who promise to help you lose weight or get fit – all for some low monthly cost.

But, it doesn’t work that way, as much as we wish it would. They certainly make their money and when we fail, we blame ourselves and not the advertiser.

Slow and steady wins the race – especially on the road to better health.
I just have to buckle down and just make one good choice after another, and continue doing that.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day 14 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 14 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is “31 Days of Healthy Choices.

Stress is a killer. Too many people live with daily stress – whether from jobs, relationships or situations. We really have to get it under control or it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes.
Tonight I had the perfect antidote to stress - we entertained friends, had a meal together, played cards, laughed.

Other ways I deal with stress:
*talk to friends
*create art
*walk and take photos

How do you reduce stress in your life?

Check here for more info on handling stress:
10 Tips      

Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 13 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 13 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is: 31 Days of Healthy Choices.

I do not have diabetes but my husband does. We are both on cholesterol lowering medication  though as it is important to have lower cholesterol. I tried with diet and some exercise to lower it but I wasn’t successful enough.

The older I get, the greater concern I have for having a stroke , as this is what caused my mother and grandfather to die.

So, I want to adopt healthy practices that will keep my cholesterol low:
1.     Reduce stress – this is a big one, and I know there is stress due to my husband’s health. But I read and do some art and it helps.
2.   Eat a balanced meal: more vegetables, whole wheat breads, more fish and chicken, fruit – and less fat, sugar, salt.
3. Get active –a minimum of 3 – 30 minute blocks of exercise a week. Although we are trying 3 – 10 minute blocks a day.
4.   Lose weight. Trying – but it is definitely harder the older you are.

“Raise Your Hand for diabetes” is an initiative in Canada to raise awareness of diabetes. Check here for info on diabetes.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 12 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is “31 Days of Healthy Choices”.

Did you know that the average Canadian consume more than 25 teaspoons of sugar a day? That’s an obscene amount of sugar. The trouble is, sugar hides in so much of what we eat – pop, ketchup, sweets, etc, etc, etc. Check any processed product and there will probably be some kind of sugar/dextrose in the ingredients.
Some glucose in our diet is needed for good brain function – but too much and a whole host of bad comes with it:
*memory problems
*liver disease
*bad skin
And this is just the short list!

We have become addicted to sugar and we need the high we get from it. Yet we know it is bad.
I have tried cutting back, but once I have a carb with sugar, my cravings start.
After two weeks on the South Beach diet a few years ago, my sugar cravings stopped and I lost weight. Trouble is, once I restarted carbs, the cravings, and the weight returned.
Eating anything in moderation is a given – we need to be as aware as possible about what we put into our bodies, especially sugar.

Check here for an interesting article on sugar consumption.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 11 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 11 of Write 31 Days – the daily writing challenge. My theme is “31 Days of Healthy Choices

Yesterday I wrote a bit about reading labels and watching out for sodium and sugar.
There are many so-called “healthy” foods that really aren’t healthy for you. By checking the labels, you can quickly see why not.

Here’s a list of foods that really aren’t that healthy.

Canned soups – too much sodium in most cases

Trail mix, granola – make your own!

Flavoured yogurt – too much sugar

Smoothies – watch out for added sugar

Gluten-free foods – really check the labels closely

Frozen diet dinners – too much sodium

Wheat bread – be sure it is 100% whole wheat

Fruit cocktail – better to heat fresh fruit

Check here to see more such foods and why they might not be such healthy choices.